Senior Graphic Designer currently based between Dublin & London. Open to oppourtunities globally–remote working or relocation.

Senior Brand Designer at FWI | Poppulo, global technology merger company.

Previously freelanced for +2 years in London, Melbourne & Dublin.

Cheerful Twentyfirst, Ebow DigitalThe Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Thinkerbell Advertising, Edge Media, RMIT University, Paoli Smith, Yugen Wines, Maynooth Uni Research.

Permanent designer previously 1.5 years Clemenger BBDO in-house at MYER and 1.5 years in-house ASPECT Studios.

Volunteer designer previously Refugee Voices & The Asylum Seeker Resource centre.


Art Direction and Design

Animately is a gif creation platform that allows the user to easily access 100’s of custom templates with easy to use editing features. It can be used to create beautiful, engaging social media and digital marketing graphics in seconds, simplifying what would otherwise be a time consuming task.

I worked with the Animatly founder to help refine the creative direction of the app templates. Creating 100’s of unique templates but setting a visual benchmark to ensure consistency and standards across all visual elements. This involved creating style guidelines.