Tree Burns
Senior Brand Designer
& Art Director

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The Challenge

Create an online presence for SAM that acts as an information hub but also creates a space for collaboration with creative practitioners & researchers. An informal space to publish critical and practice pieces that fall within Storytelling Through Media.

The Result

The result is a mechanical, sparse design that allows allows the research content to take centre stage. Grid lines appear to help section and showcase the content, referencing the often technical, structured process that comes from in-depth research projects. The audience is predominantly academics and researchers so the presentation refrains from anything polished or luxurious.

The imagery is not the focus of the site, therefore, it takes secondary place to the project name - only revealing project imagery as a hover over function on the homepage. Where there are projects without accompaning imagery, we have created a visual device to guide the viewer to different types of media, this introduces a splash of colour that softens the scientific impression.

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