Senior Graphic Designer currently based between Dublin & London. Open to oppourtunities globally–remote working or relocation.

Senior Brand Designer at FWI | Poppulo, global technology merger company.

Previously freelanced for +2 years in London, Melbourne & Dublin.

Cheerful Twentyfirst, Ebow DigitalThe Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Thinkerbell Advertising, Edge Media, RMIT University, Paoli Smith, Yugen Wines, Maynooth Uni Research.

Permanent designer previously 1.5 years Clemenger BBDO in-house at MYER and 1.5 years in-house ASPECT Studios.

Volunteer designer previously Refugee Voices & The Asylum Seeker Resource centre.



Website and Brand Refresh

Development: Pauric Freeman
Client: Maynooth University

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Create an online presence for SAM that acts as an information hub but also creates a space for collaboration with creative practitioners & researchers. An informal space to publish critical and practice pieces that fall within Storytelling Through Media.


The result is a modern, paired back, mechanical design - allowing the research content to take centre stage. Grid lines appear to help section and showcase the content, referencing the often technical, structured process that comes from in-depth research projects. As the website is predominantly for academics and researcher I have kept the design functional and avoided luxurious or polished finished.  

The imagery is not the most important part of the site so it takes secondary place to the project name - only revealing project imagery as delve into the project page. Where there are projects with sound and text we have created a visual device to guide the viewer to different types of media, this introduces a splash of colour to soften the scientific feel to the site.