Senior Graphic Designer currently based between Dublin & London. Open to oppourtunities globally–remote working or relocation.

Senior Brand Designer at FWI | Poppulo, global technology merger company.

Previously freelanced for +2 years in London, Melbourne & Dublin.

Cheerful Twentyfirst, Ebow DigitalThe Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Thinkerbell Advertising, Edge Media, RMIT University, Paoli Smith, Yugen Wines, Maynooth Uni Research.

Permanent designer previously 1.5 years Clemenger BBDO in-house at MYER and 1.5 years in-house ASPECT Studios.

Volunteer designer previously Refugee Voices & The Asylum Seeker Resource centre.


Branding & Logo Design

Collaborators: Mette Pors
Studio: Happy Ending
Client: Yugen Wines

Photography: Neil J. Smyth

Yugen Wines are a group of small, independant, minimal intervention winemakers in Victoria Australia.

Asked to capture the meaning and feeling behind the name while also refecting who they are as a business – serious but not intimidating. Natural wines for a wider audience - with the potential to grow the brand beyond the bottle - into a wine community with sustainability and collaboration at the forefront.

The vertical logo nods to the Japanese origins of the name. English letters bring it back to the origins of the wine. Native Australian plants entwined with logo are used on the more expensive ranges. The logo position is  the same across all ranges but the design changes to suit the personality of the wine.